Our services

  • Build

    If you are looking to develop a software solution or digital product, our team of experts will collaborate with you every step of the way, managing all aspects of your project to guarantee timely delivery and cost-effectiveness.

    Creating state-of-the-art digital and software products that integrate seamlessly into your overall ecosystem requires significant effort, time, and resources. Maintaining alignment with your organizational and strategic goals while ensuring the success and longevity of these products is a different kettle of fish.

    Proven methodologies & top-notch Expertise: With our proven methodologies and the expertise and dedication of our teams, we can help you efficiently accelerate and empower your current business, or even create new businesses and products from scratch, while:

    - Keeping you ahead of technological advancements and incorporating the latest market standards into your company's ecosystem.
    - Addressing the organizational and operational challenges you may face along the way.
    - Taking into consideration your unique technological & organizational heritage.

    Entrust us with your projects: Our team will handle every step of the project lifecycle, from initiation to monitoring, to ensure that your project is on track and delivering the results you need.

  • Augment

    Whether you require a short-term infusion of talent or a longer-term technical collaboration with reliable and skilled software engineers, we have the talent to meet your needs. Our team of experienced professionals can provide the support you need to achieve a successful outcome you are looking for.

    Talent shortage won’t be a challenge anymore: Staffing is a major challenge in the IT industry. Locating the ideal candidates with the necessary experience and skills, at an affordable cost and in a timely manner, can be both expensive and time-consuming. As a matter of fact, many companies turn to us for support in enhancing their workforce by supplementing their teams with the talent they need.

    Our Kommunity at your Service: Our clients use our Keiken People Force services to:

    - Leverage a pool of versatile and expert professionals, available for deployment with ease.
    - Optimize time and resources by expediting the search process;
    - Enhance the overall standard of delivery;

    Bring the fire squad: Gain complete flexibility with the ability to adjust the team size as needed, while maintaining control over your project with the support of an extended team.

  • Advize

    Keiken provides expert advice in digital marketing, ecommerce, IT architecture, and cloud services. Our team of specialists boasts a comprehensive and robust knowledge of the latest industry trends and technologies and is committed to guiding businesses through the dynamic and evolving digital landscape.

    The challenge of finding the right solutions in a dynamic landscape: Making the right technological choice in today's dynamic and evolving digital landscape is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses. With new technologies emerging all the time, it can be difficult to determine which solutions will be the most effective for your organization, you will always need to:

    - Keep up with the fast-paced and constantly changing technology landscape.
    - Determine which technologies are worth investing in;
    - Evaluate the impact of technology on existing infrastructure and systems;
    - Support your internal team in continuously adapting and learning to navigate through the constant flow of information.

    Partner with Keiken for unmatched digital leverage: "Advize" is here to provide you with the support you need to achieve your goals in the digital landscape. Whether you need to build your digital marketing and customer platform, implement ecommerce solutions, or design and optimize your cloud-ready technology, we are here to offer you the necessary support. Our expertise and commitment to excellence will help you make informed decisions, upgrade your organizational skills, and ensure that you reach your strategic objectives.

Regardless of what your project might be, we can assist you with it in all possible ways

Our Methodology

  • E2E

    We guide our clients through a comprehensive, end-to-end methodology tailored to their unique needs. This holistic approach begins with a client-initiated catalyst and extends all the way to the successful delivery of their desired outcome. Our methodology encompasses four key stages: Framing, Design, Build, and Run, each of which is built upon the a deep client collaboration.
  • DevSecOps

    We understand the value of both DevSecOps methodologies in delivering efficient and secure digital solutions. Our approach integrates security, development, and operations processes, ensuring a streamlined and comprehensive workflow throughout the project lifecycle. This integration allows for faster delivery of high-quality, secure solutions while minimizing potential risks.
  • Applied Agile

    We embrace the Agile values to ensure flexibility, efficiency, and adaptability in our projects. We prioritize open communication, cross-functional teamwork, and regular feedback to guarantee that the final solution is aligned with your business goals. Leveraging our Agile principles, allow us to empower your organization to adapt to the dynamic digital landscape and achieve better outcomes.
  • Open-Source

    We are driven by the commitment to innovation, collaboration, and cost-effective solutions. Open source adoption enables us to tap into a vast ecosystem of expertise, ensuring that your digital solutions are backed by the latest advancements and best practices in the industry. By adopting an Open Source First methodology, we deliver cutting-edge, cost-effective, and future-proof solutions that empower your organization.

Our techologies

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Adobe
  • Power Plaform
  • AWS
  • KONG
  • React
  • Nextjs
  • Node.js
  • Spring
  • Java
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform
  • Gitlab